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Unusual Sights in and around Madison

exit ramp driveway

This is the exit ramp of US-18/151 from US-12/14. This is the only driveway into this parking lot. There is also a driveway into the shopping center across Midvale, but it is served by other driveways.

Lights on Wires

These newly added lights on wires are temporary for another attempt to fix a frontage road intersection near the Beltline.

Big Shields

This is at the merge of US-18 US-151 with US-12 US-14. These may be the biggest shields ever put on a BGS.

Small Shields

The westbound traffic to US-12 US-14 gets much smaller shields.

Too Many Roads to Name

There are a few signs like this in downtown Madison. These are the only blank US shields I've ever seen. Putting US-12 US-14 US-18 & US-151 might clutter that sign too much. I-39 has not managed to find its duplicated way here, yet.

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