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Exit to Bridges

Bridges over the Ohio at Louisville

Replacing the old Bridge over the Mississippi at Wabasha, Minnesota

Duluth Harbor--Aerial Lift Bridge

Longfellow Bridge over the Charles River

Other Bridges

Exit to Madison Area

1927 Map of Southern Wisconsin (80k)

Reference Marker Flyer

An Old Highway Marker in Baraboo

Unusual Sights in Madison

Construction on West Beltline Madison

Let's Plan Now for the North Beltline

US 12-14 and 18-151 Interchange Proposals (Madison, WI)

Roads Discussion Board

Exit to Resources

State DOT Links

Some Road Links on the Web

Some Transit Links on the Web

Exit to Other Road Items

Chris Sullivan's Pictures

CN Tower Shots

Old Article about US-63 Bridge in Red Wing

Kentucky Sights

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